Saturday, September 14, 2013

Changing Medium and Style - a Good Idea?


Only Amateur Artists Change their Style...

I thought you might find this interesting.
I change styles and medium. I know of artists who don't do that.

Some say changing it up makes it harder to brand yourself. I have read comments that only amateur artist change their style. Many fine artist feel they need a style to survive.

I can't argue with any of that.

So why do I change styles and/or medium? It keeps me excited and challenged. Each has a different strategy, tools and touch to creating the final images. It keeps me fresh and on my toes :-D

I am sure many of you make art because you enjoy the process as much as the final product. Me too! It is SO FUN to loose track of time while creating something. I call it getting into the zone. Changing it up does that for me.

SO I am posting this in hopes of finding out with your comments here (or on social media). How do you stay fresh. What inspires you!

Thanks for taking a peak into my world and sharing a bit of yours.


  1. I also have to flirt with different mediums, techniques and styles in order to evolve at this point. I think building a brand requires a consistent style, but it is possible for an individual to license many styles. Thanks for the post.

  2. I like to try new mediums and different types of paints, but I guess I've never tried to change my actual style of working, for instance to do something more cartooney, or conversely, something more traditional. Maybe it's because my style sort of falls in between anyway? I think I would feel strange trying to do it differently than what just... happens. I don't know. Annie do you feel more comfortable painting in certain styles and less comfortable in others?

  3. I never think about it! I get inspired to do something & I just start figuring out how create the image in my head. I never think about marketing or being branded. I guess I figure if it comes from me then there is going to be a certain symmetrey in all I create. Does that make sense??

  4. Hi Guys! FABULOUS comments!
    I never think there is just one way, or one right answer. But I do love to chew on an idea :-)

    Leslie: I agree building a brand requires consistency. Oddly, I realized I wasn't doing that!

    Sarah: Don't change girl! To answer your question: yes, it makes me uncomfortable when I try a new style for the first time or two. But that keeps me excited and focus. That probably isn't everyone's cup of tea.

    Chasing Claire de Lune: I think I know what you mean :-) That is how I started palette knife painting. I was just so darn inspired by it, I sat down and figured it out.

    BIG HUGS to you all! Fun to connect with you :-D

  5. I agree with you Annie. Changing my style/medium invigorates me too. To accomplish this, I sketch on a nightly basis. These drawings and doodles often result in new ideas and characters.

    Great Topic!

  6. Hi Darlene!
    Thanks for sharing your point of view :-)

    Here is Darlene's blog - I have been enjoying her Journal Art Pages posts

  7. This is something I often struggle with - just looking at my recently sold cards board on Pinterest made me realise what a lot of different styles I use for greeting cards! It was really difficult for me to hit on a 'signature style' for my repeating patterns and even when I came up with 'Posh & Painterly' I was giving myself a choice of two styles, though they sometimes overlap. Michele Fifis (Pattern Observer) has written about this a few days ago on her blog and how it doesn't matter. She recommended a book called 'Refuse to Choose' which is definitely going on my Christmas list!

    In fact, I feel very lucky to have access to so many different styles because I'm sure if I just stuck to one, I'd get really bored and my work could become repetitious and my boredom might well shine through! When I sense the slightest hint of boredom, I switch to something completely different.

    But the interesting thing is that other people still say they can tell my work from other people's, whatever style happens to be in favour with me at the time :)

  8. Hey Judy!
    First - THANKS for your comment! I am running next to amazon to see if I can find "Refuse to Choose".

    We do all seem to have a 'voice' no matter what medium we are working with. I hadn't thought about how similar "voice" and style can be! I guess I was thinking of style as watercolor, or palette knife...When really that is just the medium & tools.

    I just followed your blogs! Posting it here so others will see it


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