Useful Stuff

Below is a list of links I have found useful

Sites that I have found useful information

To Sell or Rent (license) Graphic Artists Guild

List of MANUFACTURERS & articles! Thanks Joan!

List of MANUFACTURERS! Thanks Kate!

List of Jigsaw puzzle Manufacturers

How to create art that is Licensable by Joan Beirriger

Connect with Licensing industry:


Submission Guidelines for Greeting Cards - Kate Harper's Blog
Art Licensing Info site
Industry icon interviews
Industry icon interviews - replays
All Art Licensing Blog, J'net Smith
Love the humor:
Book: License to Draw by Ronnie Walter

How to respond to Art Licensing Inquiries - Lance Klass

Maria Brophy - Closing a Deal, Negotiating
Joan's list of Art Licensing Agencies

6 Tips for Creating a Trade Show Ready Portfolio

Sign up for Surtex newsletter 

Subscribe to Stationery Trend

125+ places to sell your art online via Artsy Shark

Great radio show by pallet knife artist Leslie Saeta - when I type this it has 15,000 listeners

Useful Tools

Links marked with an * are affiliate links - by purchasing through these links, I make a little money to help support this blog — Thank you SO MUCH!  

Product mockup templates - Phyllis Dobbs

Sending large files - there are other services Send up to 2 GB FREE

MOYO Magazine

Digital Trends: Where to Download FREE stock photos and public Domain images 

Font Identification: My Fonts

Apps, Widgets, Flipbooks... SnackTools

AccuView - grid photos and more Buy fonts, art - check license

Copyright Your Art

Main page

Electronic register link AND PDF tutorial

GREAT FREE call with US copyright office

How to file your copyrights and keep track of them: Maria Brophy



Trademark tips and other useful info:

Trademark search:

Article by Kiffanie Stahle: How to do a Trademark Search 


A Few How To's


Product Mocks using Smart Objects
Repeat Pattern in Photoshop using Offset Filter - Mac CS3

Seamless textures in Photoshop (like burlap)

This one focuses on Define Pattern in Photoshop 

Alien Skin Blow Up - you can ad resolution to a decent photo


Repeat patterns How to

An illustrator video on repeat patterns

Illustrator Live trace tool

List of Art Agents - you can Google more


  1. THANK YOU...for all of this WONDERFUL information!!! I will use it wisely. God Bless xxoo

  2. My Kudu's too... You have collected a wealth of information here, and it's very generous of you to share... Artists helping artists. Sending loads of thanks your way. This will be my go to page when I need to know something along these lines.. :) Thank You, Thank You...

    1. Hi Jo! Thanks so much for all your support and kind words! You ARE the best!

  3. you are a rock star Annie. THANKS with a hug for all of this.

    1. Hi! SO WELCOME! It is all the stuff I used, like, etc :-) Thanks for stopping by and commenting <3

  4. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful info!

    1. Hey Jane! Great to "see" you :-)

      If you run across something that was really helpful to you, send me the link and I will ad it here for others. Thank you for stopping by and commenting - you made my day <3

  5. Super awesome info! Thanks for sharing

    1. Miss Luanne! Great to "see" you!Thanks for stopping by the blog :-)


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