Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Simple Newsletter Tips

Recently I sent out a marketing email to my graphic design clients. I thought all of you might be interested - we all do marketing as a part of doing business.

Write in the 3rd person. Take a look at newspapers and magazines for examples.

Little to no sales hype. Your consumers will see how great you are by the information you provide.

Keep it conversational. No need to wow them with your technical knowledge - you will seem less approachable.

Front page should pack a punch. Large photos are an easy way to grab attention.

No color - no problem. Black and white is less expensive to print and will work just as well.

Thanks for reading! ~Annie

Friday, June 21, 2013

How I Found an Agent


Synopsis - update May 27th, 2014

After Surtex (art licensing show in NYC) I have been asked a few times how I found an agent. Here is the skinny:

Several years ago I found I had more time for creating images and set up my Annie's Doodlebugz store on CafePress. Note: the store is closed. I wasn't adding new content to it anymore).  The store got me thinking more about art for products.

Couple years ago (maybe two) I started setting up an art licensing portfolio, reading art licensing blogs, listening to Tara Reed's (now Art Licensing Info) FREE! "Ask Calls" and joined a few related Linkedin groups. I wasn't in any rush. I have a graphic design business going on 16+ years & love that just as much as art for licensing.

A book that I used with great tips, tools AND confirmed I was on the right track is Tara Reed's (now Art Licensing Info) "How to Find and Art Licening Agent".  

Next I set up an art licensing website and generated a list of agents I wanted to contact and thought my art would be a fit for them. (If you need help with a website, feel free to contact me I contacted my top 20 agents one by one. They all had submission guidelines on their websites. I think all of them wanted a brief email and just a few samples. Tara's book above even helps you with what to say :-) I tracked who I had contacted and what I sent them - just in case they would call! I was very please that several of them took the time to tell me no thank you. It was nice to know. Two agents very graciously reviewed my portfolio - even though they were not interested.

One of the resources I used to generate a list of agents is on Joan Beiriger's Blog you can google more. "List of Over 50 U.S. Art Licensing Agencies"

I was in the process of generating a second contact list when I saw Parcai Designs post on a Linkedin group. I checked them out and sent a submission to them. The rest as they say is history.

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For more helpful links check out my Useful Stuff blog page.

Editor's note: this article originally posted June 21, 2013. Updated May 27, 2104
. You might like the companion post "WHY I have an Art Licensing Agent".

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bumblebee Dish


Painting Pottery

Just a short post to show off a small dish I painted. The cute pottery store I went to has lots of bisque (pottery that has been fired once) to choose from. I painted it white (3 coats), and then added the bee and lots of dots :-) The sides of the dish has small black dots.

So far I have painted a moster bank, monster business card holder and a red VW Bug bank. I think I may be addicted.

Tell me what fun things you have done lately!

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Marching on with Patterns!


Pattern Parade Going Strong • SHOUT OUT to Participants :-D

I want to thank everyone who jumped on the band wagon and is participating in the Pattern Parade! (Names are link to websites): Nancy Lee Moran  Lainey Parker  Ashley Lucas  Sarah Hudock  Sue Duda
Ed Miller Design  Jen Lester  Lori Eslick  Beth Picard  Paula Ogier  Allison Beilke 
Fhiona Galloway.

The variety and creativity is wonderful! It has helped me get more inspired :-)

Feel free to share this post with your friends ~Thanks Annie
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