Friday, August 30, 2013

Image Search - I'm Famous in China!

It happened to me - copyright infringement

I have heard chatter on the internet of artist complaining about companies in China stealing their art. It happened to me! I got a HUGE CHUCKLE that the image above is listed as "flower painting by famous artist 3 Briliant Daisies". I AM FAMOUS in China. Well maybe just Hong Kong...

Here is the link if you are curious

AND it sells for only $99. I have it listed on Fine Art America for $245 for the same size. As they say on TV "Buy Now While Supplies Last"! I have NO clue what the quality will be like. LOL :-D

I assumed this would happen at some point. SO the purpose of this post isn't to rant. It is -

1: Find out if anyone else has had success getting Alibaba to take down their art - they own AliExpress where my painting is listed. Let me know! I have filled out their IP complaint form. I did contact my IP lawyer for options. Thanks in advance for the info :-) My email:

2: Let you know about a nifty bookmarklet that speeds up the Google image search process a bit.
Here is the link and 'how to use it' info:

Sarah Hudock sent me this  link on Artsy Shark about stopping your art at Customs

I want to say THANK YOU! There are so many of you who have connected with me, read this blog etc. I have learned so much from all of you :-D I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pottery Addiction

We Dig Painting Pottery!

Hey everybody. I have been getting a good response with the last two pottery post so thought I would share our latest creations! I will included links at the end if you want to see the older pottery posts.

I painted the ladybug bowl above. I used red sprinkles paint on the inside of the bowl just to mix it up a little. My daughter painted the mug and two bowls. She does like patterns! I like the handle of the mug. I haven't tried to blend colors on pottery, but that is one of her favorite things to do :-D

If you are looking for even more pottery painting ideas - check out my Pinterest board

Bumblebee dish post:

Initial Dish & Nautical Bowl:

Leave me a comment - let me know if you like this type of post.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sloppy Studio Award!

The Golden Flyswatter Sloppy Studio Award goes to... Annie!

OK, I am SO thankful to be busy with work. As my Dad says, "it keeps me out of trouble." :-D BUT, I think I am in a bit of trouble based on the photos above - Don't cha think?!

My office is the smallest bedroom in our home. I think it is 10 feet by 12 feet. I do share it with my teenage daughter - her computer is tucked in a corner not pictured. Some of the art is my kids' art from over the years :-)

I am secretly hoping that these photos will get showcased on Pinterest boards for people dreaming of that "something-special" art studio they want to have someday!

NOW if I tell you the rest of the home (EXCLUDING kids' rooms and their bathroom) is in orderly shape - anyone going to believe me? Anyone?...

If you want, send me a studio photo. It doesn't have to be messy :-D I will post it and link to your website if you like. OR I will just keep it between us.

OK people - leave a comment. I can take it :-)

Friday, August 16, 2013

What You Need to Know About Giveaways

Is it a contest? Is it a sweepstakes? It can easily slip into an illegal lottery.

I think it would be fun to give something away for FREE. Have some fun and generate more followers for this blog. I have read and heard people suggesting a contest as a way to increase social media followers. I started researching and my head started spinning.

Follow the Federal and State laws & keep in mind other countries - you may need to leave out Canada because the winner can not be chosen by luck. I found this website, it makes you think and gives what sounds like good advice:

Follow the rules for each social media platform. This website seems to know what they are talking about:

You need a terms and conditions statement - I didn't go any farther and try to find one online. BUT I did find this website. They have what looks to be a neat free plugin to help run your contest, but only the monthly paid versions come with a terms and conditions generator.

I am chuckling, but now I am worried about even offering these links I found without some sort of disclaimer! So, I do not endorse these sites or any other sites I may have linked to in this or any other post. I am just sharing what I have bumped into in the world. It is up to you to find out the best way to go.

Share your contest stories! I would love to know what you have learned.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Artist Anne Nye

Fused Glass Fun!  

(Reminder - you can click bold words to visit websites)
Just a few days ago I went to Blue Pomegranate Gallery's First Friday Event where they shine the spotlight on an artist. The above photo is a stunning red fused glass poppy I bought of Anne Nye's. Anne is a fabulous artist and an Omaha Nebraska native. If I counted correctly on her website,, she is represented in 31 states and a gallery in Canada. (In many states she is selling her art in several galleries).

You don't have to live in Omaha to shop for Anne's bright, bold and colorful art. You can shop online here: (click bold store names)
Boresheims, Omaha NE If you are in the Omaha Old Market area, see Anne's work at White Crane Gallery in the passageway. 1032 Howard Street.

Lift your spirits today and check out Anne's work!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pottery Painting Ideas - Nautical and Initial

Two Cute Ideas for Painting on Bisque
My daughter and I spent a wonderful afternoon painting at our local "paint your own pottery place". She painted the bowl on the left complete with a ship on the inside. The stripes on the rim are made by alternating with a wide square brush and a very thin brush. The waves are white paint squeezed from a small 'writer' bottle.

My small dish on the right has a base coat of speckled paint. I then lightly penciled in the letter "A", (the pencil burns off in the kiln). You can kind of see the pencil line in the before photo on the top right. I then dipped the brush handled into paint and made the larger dots in lots of colors. I didn't put any dots inside the letter A. Next I used a brush with a very small handle and made smaller dots. I put some of the smaller dots inside the large ones :-)

You might also be interested in my Bumble Bee Oval Dish (click bold words).
OR this Lady bug bowl, cereals bowls and mug (click bold words).

Tell me what fun thing you have done lately!
Dec 17th, 2013: I wanted to post a HUGE THANK YOU to all the visits this post has had so far!! I am glad you all are finding these two ideas interesting :-D Follow my blog to stay update with me.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Do You "Logo" Up?

Branding 101

Do you put your logo, (for many artist this may be their signature), on business cards, websites, flyers etc. I assume many of you do. BUT do you have your "logo" on shirts, notebook, cinch sack backpack and phone case? I do.

At Surtex, (art licesning show in NYC), I wore a logo shirt and logo cinch sack backpack. So I had a logo on me "coming and going". (You might also like to see my business card in this past post with a sicker of my agent's booth number on the back - click here.)

The notebook and the cell phone case probably won't deliver much for my branding bucks, BUT you never know! It IS just plain fun to have this stuff :-D

I am thinking of getting a magnet sign for the sides of my car - not sure I want a permanent decal. My windows are tinted - so I think a static cling is out.

The point of this post is to get you to think about how you might do just one thing to brand yourself more - Go Get 'Em!

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