Friday, August 16, 2013

What You Need to Know About Giveaways

Is it a contest? Is it a sweepstakes? It can easily slip into an illegal lottery.

I think it would be fun to give something away for FREE. Have some fun and generate more followers for this blog. I have read and heard people suggesting a contest as a way to increase social media followers. I started researching and my head started spinning.

Follow the Federal and State laws & keep in mind other countries - you may need to leave out Canada because the winner can not be chosen by luck. I found this website, it makes you think and gives what sounds like good advice:

Follow the rules for each social media platform. This website seems to know what they are talking about:

You need a terms and conditions statement - I didn't go any farther and try to find one online. BUT I did find this website. They have what looks to be a neat free plugin to help run your contest, but only the monthly paid versions come with a terms and conditions generator.

I am chuckling, but now I am worried about even offering these links I found without some sort of disclaimer! So, I do not endorse these sites or any other sites I may have linked to in this or any other post. I am just sharing what I have bumped into in the world. It is up to you to find out the best way to go.

Share your contest stories! I would love to know what you have learned.


  1. Yes, all of the things that have to be taken into consideration are overwhelming! That's why I haven't attempted it yet.

    Even though my painting process is very slow, I hope that you will enjoy the journey along the way and the finished product!

  2. Hey Barbara!
    THANKS so much for your comments!

    If I can find a Terms & Conditions Statement - I think I will try a giveaway :-D I will have to do more googling...


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