Friday, August 2, 2013

Do You "Logo" Up?

Branding 101

Do you put your logo, (for many artist this may be their signature), on business cards, websites, flyers etc. I assume many of you do. BUT do you have your "logo" on shirts, notebook, cinch sack backpack and phone case? I do.

At Surtex, (art licesning show in NYC), I wore a logo shirt and logo cinch sack backpack. So I had a logo on me "coming and going". (You might also like to see my business card in this past post with a sicker of my agent's booth number on the back - click here.)

The notebook and the cell phone case probably won't deliver much for my branding bucks, BUT you never know! It IS just plain fun to have this stuff :-D

I am thinking of getting a magnet sign for the sides of my car - not sure I want a permanent decal. My windows are tinted - so I think a static cling is out.

The point of this post is to get you to think about how you might do just one thing to brand yourself more - Go Get 'Em!


  1. Found you via The Art of Licensing List. You bring up some great branding/logo ideas.

  2. Hi Darlene! Thanks so much for your comment.
    Where can I find "The Art of Licensing List"?
    Great to connect with you!

  3. I love your little bug! My husband paints vans, and he makes sure that he spray paints his logo / signature on each one. He's painted over 50 now, and they are driven all over the country.

    I wrote a post about how having stencils made of your logo/signature can really come in handy for branding, here on my blog:

  4. Hey Maria! Thanks for stopping by an commenting :-)

    I WOULD LOVE to see the post on stencils... when I click the link it wants me to login to WordPress. Can ya help!

    BTW, I am a long time fan of Drew's! AND, since I have your attention, THANK YOU for all your great blog post, social media input etc. I have learned so much from you. HUGS!

  5. NOTE! Here is another link for Maria's stencil post:

  6. Great stuff here. I do have my logo on tons of stuff, I love the idea of putting it on my car! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Annie, no issues with wearing your logo at the show? I was going to do that and thought it might not be appreciated. I was going to wear a tee shirt with my logo on it and maybe on a tote. ?????

    1. Hi :-) I had a logo polo shirt (sweater over it for half the show) and a pink cinch sack with my logo on it, no one said a thing... Hang on and I will email you a link to the show rules.


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