Friday, August 30, 2013

Image Search - I'm Famous in China!

It happened to me - copyright infringement

I have heard chatter on the internet of artist complaining about companies in China stealing their art. It happened to me! I got a HUGE CHUCKLE that the image above is listed as "flower painting by famous artist 3 Briliant Daisies". I AM FAMOUS in China. Well maybe just Hong Kong...

Here is the link if you are curious

AND it sells for only $99. I have it listed on Fine Art America for $245 for the same size. As they say on TV "Buy Now While Supplies Last"! I have NO clue what the quality will be like. LOL :-D

I assumed this would happen at some point. SO the purpose of this post isn't to rant. It is -

1: Find out if anyone else has had success getting Alibaba to take down their art - they own AliExpress where my painting is listed. Let me know! I have filled out their IP complaint form. I did contact my IP lawyer for options. Thanks in advance for the info :-) My email:

2: Let you know about a nifty bookmarklet that speeds up the Google image search process a bit.
Here is the link and 'how to use it' info:

Sarah Hudock sent me this  link on Artsy Shark about stopping your art at Customs

I want to say THANK YOU! There are so many of you who have connected with me, read this blog etc. I have learned so much from all of you :-D I really appreciate it.


  1. SO blatant an infringement too! I wish you all sorts of help and luck with getting that taken down, Annie!

  2. IT happens. I had it happen with Sears, they posted a giclee of my art, didn't even try and change it. Gave me no credit and put it up for sale. What's really funny is my publisher at the time had show it to them and had the emails back and forth, a few months earlier. I called Sears myself, told them to take it down, and had them send me $500 for my trouble. They did. The big guys don't want the bad rep.
    I also had my art show up on a lampshade that was manufactured in China for a distributor here. I went to a tradeshow where they were showing it and had a stern talk with them. Told them to pull it, give me two samples, and pay me $1000 in good faith. They did pull it, paid me and I still have the sample. If they had any in stock somewhere and sold them off overseas, I will never know. This is why it's important to walk the big trade shows and get out and see what's happening. Never good to hole up in your studio as many artists I know do.

  3. Hi Jade,
    Thanks for sharing your story - we learn from each others experiences! I know I am learning a lot right now :-D

  4. Annie and Jade, Thank you for sharing your copyright infringement stories! It will give me strength to pursue further if I ever find out that it happens to me! Disgusted to hear that reputable Sears is not so reputable.
    Best to you both,
    Sue Duda

  5. Hi Sue! Waving hello :-) Thanks so much for commenting!

  6. Gayle Hartman-WeatherfordSeptember 3, 2013 at 3:52 AM

    It happened to me 2 times in my life! First time when I was young n' dumb the 2nd time 3 yrs ago!So you are not alone!! I got a lawyer and settled out of court.A company here in the US was doing business w/h someone/ some biz' in China.I saw my image on a lamp in a catalog....nice...NOT!! The company ignored me,till I took legal action!!It made me sick when I found out how much $$$ they made off my design.Is there anyway you can go after them legally??I'd persue it to the max!! It took me 2 yrs,but I won a settlement!!Good Luck!

  7. Gayle Hartman-WeatherfordSeptember 3, 2013 at 3:56 AM

    How do you know when and where trade shows are?? I probably couldn't afford to travel there or feel well enough to go.

  8. Hi Gayle :-)
    I have contacted my Lawyer. I have contacted the company and have a couple more days to wait for their response.

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    Google what particular trade show you are interested in, Art Licensing, Stationery, Gift etc.
    these are just a few in the United States.
    Hope this helps!


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