Friday, May 24, 2013

SURTEX 2103! Selling & Licensing Original Art & Design Show in NYC


My Experience

I went to Surtex for the first time and Loved! Loved! it! (Had a great time being a tourist in NYC :-)

Above are my simply fabulous agents, Lainey on the left and Teresa on the right, and yup, that is my AnniesDoodlebugz art in the background.

Not long after I arrived and met with Parcai Designs, Sarah Hudock  spotted me and introduced herself. We walked Surtex, a little bit of CLA and the Stationery Show together on Sunday.

It was so inspiring to see all the amazing art and artists! I walked around with my mouth open gushing over everyone's art. REALLY enjoyed talking with so many artist that I have seen on Linkedin and swapping business cards. I got lucky and happened to get a chance to speak with a few manufacturers/art buyers. Was great to hear a bit about them and how their businesses work.

Sarah and I spent quite a bit of time at the Stationery Show. Not only was the art just as wonderful as the Surtex Show, but being a graphic designer is was cool to check out all the different types of papers, die cuts & printing methods being used. Since we were so enthusiastic about the art & products, it gave us the opportunity to speak with several greeting card companies and opened up the conversation about if they were in need of new art and handing out more business cards :-D

THE UP SIDE for me was I have an agent who works(ed) their butts off! They get the booth ready & work it. They pitch my art and do all the follow up. Meanwhile, I am back here in my office working on my next art collection and publications that went to print today. Now an agent isn't for everybody, but for me they are priceless.

Thanks for reading and commenting :-)
Much Success ~Annie

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Email Art Attachment - Wacha Think?


Hey Everyone! Would love your creative input.

I set this up today to send as an email attachment - a little taste of some of my whimsical art.
Wacha Think? I am wondering if it is to busy. I am thinking I will set one up for Holidays, Florals....
AND yes, I drive a yellow V-dub :-) Mine has a spoiler on it.

Thanks creative peeps! ~Annie

Friday, May 10, 2013

Got QR Code(s)?

Love Them, Hate Them…

Just in case you are new to QR codes (Quick Response Code). They are a barcode that when scanned by your smart phone, iPad.... takes you to a web address, phone number, SMS, text...probably more things than I know :-) It is the funny square patterns that you can see on the right hand side of my jumping frog sign in the photo above. You can get static or dynamic QR codes (short video here explaining the difference).

I want to hear about your experience with QR codes. I have had some new home builder clients who use them and seem to like them.

Do you pay a small fee to track people using the code? Did you use one of the custom QR code services where you can ad an image to the QR code? Any QR Code service you like?

THANKS for your input ~Annie

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