Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Email Art Attachment - Wacha Think?


Hey Everyone! Would love your creative input.

I set this up today to send as an email attachment - a little taste of some of my whimsical art.
Wacha Think? I am wondering if it is to busy. I am thinking I will set one up for Holidays, Florals....
AND yes, I drive a yellow V-dub :-) Mine has a spoiler on it.

Thanks creative peeps! ~Annie


  1. Yes I think it's quite busy. I'm bothered by the blue lower square. If you're going for busy, it's best to stay with a limited color scheme. However, sending something out is perhaps better than not sending something out, no matter how busy it is! Best of luck.

  2. THANKS for the feed back! It is a bit of a mini portfolio... Less is definitely more :-)


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