Monday, August 5, 2013

Pottery Painting Ideas - Nautical and Initial

Two Cute Ideas for Painting on Bisque
My daughter and I spent a wonderful afternoon painting at our local "paint your own pottery place". She painted the bowl on the left complete with a ship on the inside. The stripes on the rim are made by alternating with a wide square brush and a very thin brush. The waves are white paint squeezed from a small 'writer' bottle.

My small dish on the right has a base coat of speckled paint. I then lightly penciled in the letter "A", (the pencil burns off in the kiln). You can kind of see the pencil line in the before photo on the top right. I then dipped the brush handled into paint and made the larger dots in lots of colors. I didn't put any dots inside the letter A. Next I used a brush with a very small handle and made smaller dots. I put some of the smaller dots inside the large ones :-)

You might also be interested in my Bumble Bee Oval Dish (click bold words).
OR this Lady bug bowl, cereals bowls and mug (click bold words).

Tell me what fun thing you have done lately!
Dec 17th, 2013: I wanted to post a HUGE THANK YOU to all the visits this post has had so far!! I am glad you all are finding these two ideas interesting :-D Follow my blog to stay update with me.

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