Friday, September 20, 2013

New Flip Book with Hyperlinks

Thrilled to be part of the Check Advantage Family!

This post has 2 parts.

Part 1. DOING the Happy Dance! Check Advantage licensed several of my images / designs! WOOP!

(To purchase Checks, Covers and Labels click an image in the flip book or click here:

Part 2. You've been asking about how do I create hyperlinks in a flip book. I will give you the gist of how I did it using InDesign CS6 - note: if you use Microsoft Word - Go to Flipsnack's FAQ ( for the work around - The PDF you generate from Word doesn't have web compatible colors and won't work.

Set up your pages in InDesign. Click on an image or text frame you want to ad a hyperlink to.
Go to the file menu at the top - under "Window" scroll down to "Interactive", choose "Hyperlinks".
Put in the URL you want it to link to. That's it! Here is a link to if you need a little more help or a visual

NOTE: The yellow square with FREE Shipping on each page is an interactive button that I set up in InDesign - they do not work in the flip book. If you know or figure out how to make that work - let me know! It may just be that it isn't compatible with Flipsnack.

WHY do I bother to set up a flip book when I could just link to a PDF file? I get more viewers, better SEO - and it's fun :-D Since June 30 2013, when I posted my flip book portfolio it has had 1,094  Unique viewers. That number is a combination of my website, blog & flipsnack page. 690 views are from the flipsnack page! With a paid flipbook - they submit it to search engines, pin it, etc.

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THANKS for reading & commenting!


  1. This is really cool Annie-you totally deserve it!

  2. Hey Leslie! Great to "see you" Thanks for the blog love :-D It is fun be be listed among artist like Warren Kimble, Tara Reed, Drew Brophy and so many more!

  3. Hey Sarah! Great to see you today!

  4. WOW Annie - Congratulations on your licensing deal! Looked through your flip-book and love your whimsical designs.

    1. Hi Darlene! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am having a lot of fun with licensing my art - Surtex show post coming soon ;-)


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