Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Hand Painted Holiday Ornaments

MORE Fun ideas for painting your own pottery ornaments!

Above are our latest batch of ornament ideas for the Holidays!  Just to revisit (if you didn't read the last post on ornaments), they are three inch round tiles that my daughter and I painted. Before we started, we had the person working at our local paint your own pottery place drill holes so we can hang them with ribbon.

My daughter painted the Starbucks and Kitty ornaments. The Starbucks ornament is for a friend who is a Starbucks fan!

We sketched out our ideas on paper and then colored the back side of the sketch with a number two pencil making our own cheap carbon paper :-) Next, we traced the design on the the ornament. As you may know, number 2 pencil burns off when the piece is fired in the kiln.

You can find the first three ornament designs here:

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