Friday, December 6, 2013

Bucking "Target's" Color Trends this Holiday

Traditional colors work too.

Last night my high school senior daughter and I decorated a gingerbread house. We have been doing this for MANY years and usually buy a kit from Target. This year Target's kit had pastel color candy in it.

I figured my daughter would like the colors. When we got started she was unhappy with the pastel color selections. The side she decorated is in the photo above on the left with the traditional red and green. She is by far the largest consumer of stuff in our house and is a walking resource of trend information!, —right down to her brand new Vera Bradley iPhone case. I would never have guessed she would want traditional colors.

That got me thinking. I am sure there is a LOT of thought that goes into what colors will be trendy in the coming year. But given the choice at the store, "trend consumer daughter " would have bought the traditional red and green kit.

Are color trends all that trendy? Or are they just what's available at the time of purchase. Weigh in and tell me your thoughts
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    1. Hey Madeline! I am more of a traditional girl when it comes to Christmas colors too :-)

  2. I like the idea of non traditional colors at any season (I'm fondest of them at Valentine's Day but maybe that's because I'm not fond of Valentine's Day), but I really do prefer red/green, gold/silver, red/gold and blue/silver - blue/white for Christmas. And my favorite trees are green trees, not the god awful foil trees in weird colors (I saw pink the other day - blecch).
    As for following color trends, I don't. I only try to make sure I have items in different colors in my shop to please people. The only thing I don't have is black though that'll be changing soon. I just don't like black. Never have.

    1. Hi Lin!
      Loved reading your point of view. I gotta say, I was shocked my 17 year old daughter didn't like the trendy colors!

      A pink foil tree - that is to much for me too! :-)

  3. When I was studying textile design in 2006 I used a beautiful jewel tone purple in a design I created. I was promptly told that this shade of purple was no longer "on trend". Two years later and ever since jewel tone purple has been "on trend". What I learned from this is trust what pleases your sense of color, because in reality" trendy colors" are just that, "trends"!

    1. Mary!
      I have been told too that the color isn't on trend, to have it pop up later. So I enjoyed doing this blog post to poke a little fun at color trends and my trendy daughter :-)

      Of course I would change the color of something to please a client and to increase sales!

      Thanks for stopping by :-)

  4. My thoughts: Christmas is merry and bright no matter what year! Pastels are not bright. SO that could be why her choice went the way of tradition.

    1. Hey LAR,
      I think you are right. I was just focused on how everything else she likes is trendy :-)

      Thanks a bunch for stopping by and commenting!


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