Friday, January 17, 2014

Create Easy Photoshop Textures for Fast Rich Design!

Make them once - use them again & again.

It is fun to toss in some texture to give my designs for products some zip :-) It can be as simple as just having a layer of texture (shown in the Yorkie notepad above). Or I might only have texture in part of the image. I added swirls to the top half of the background in the pear paper plate above. (Click image to see it larger).

Not only does it make the image look richer - I use textures that I have made with more than one collection. I like that it speeds up designing/mocking up products!

Here is a good video about making photoshop brushes. It has a couple tips for the magic wand tool too.

There are LOTS of free brushes on the internet - be sure to check that is OK to use for commercial use. Some are only free for personal use.

Let me know if you are a photoshop brush fan :-D


  1. Thanks Ann for another great share. I love the background textures.. They work well for your designs. :) Good source of info. :)

    1. HEY JO! Thanks so much for stopping my blog and taking the time to comment :-)

  2. I'm a HUGE fan of Photoshop brushes! they not only save you time, they're so fun to use! :)

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I am a big photoshop brush fan too - I wasn't sure how many folks know how to make their own brushes - so thought this might be a good post.

      THANK YOU for stopping by and commenting! :-D


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