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Artist Spotlight - Ronnie Walter

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Tell us a bit about yourself: Did you go to school for art? Are you self taught?

I was fortunate enough to attend a technical high school in Erie, Pennsylvania that had a commercial art program, so I had a pretty great foundation of drawing and painting before I went off to art school at the Columbus College of Art and Design. I only managed two years at Columbus due to my sad little budget, but I eventually ended up getting a BFA from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. But I was also one of those kids who had to draw all the time. Like in math class, social studies, history…yeah, one of those.

What inspires you / where do you get inspiration from?

I am inspired by life, really. I find that humans are an ever changing source of inspiration due to our quirky and complex natures, plus, we are not particularly good at expressing ourselves emotionally--and as long as this is true, the world will continue to need artists and writers! I’m inspired to develop products that have meaning and I like the idea that something I do can make someone feel better, or could help mend a relationship, or just add a smile to somebody’s day. I know that sounds kind of schmaltzy but it really is something I bring to each new concept I work on.

Do you work in just one medium? Several?

I have always worked in watercolor with line art accents, but now by combining Photoshop with some other graphic programs I can replicate mediums that I am not necessarily proficient in for  real---and that’s pretty cool! I have also discovered a love for type since many of my new collections over the last few years have featured my original writing as part of the design.

What are you working on now? 

Since my husband Jim Marcotte and I are also agents, we’ve got a number of irons in the fire right now. We have several concepts that are going to see the light of day as a result of our efforts in Atlanta last month so they need final touches and art delivered. I just finished a grouping of personalized products that I’m pretty excited about, we are working on the upcoming refresh of our Life is Country® brand products plus we’re revamping our Two Town Studios website to better reflect the direction we’re going. We always have something happening—and if we don’t? We make it so!

Anything else you want to tell everyone?

I’m working on some follow-up materials to my book, License to Draw - How I built a fun career in Art Licensing and you can too!  (say that three times fast!). Writing the book has been a fantastic experience and I hope that my story of a humble start and continued success in this market can help others who might be trying to find their place in our world. My intent was to deliver the information in a friendly style that wouldn’t scare anybody (well, not too badly anyway!) but still give the readers a solid understanding of the business along with a little “you can do this!” as well.  I’ve gotten great feedback and it has really ignited my interest in following a new path creatively. I can’t wait to do more!

Are you an early riser? or night owl?

Definitely an early riser, always have been. My ideal day starts around 6:30 with some writing, drawing and the first of several large cups of tea.

What is your favorite food?

Can I please pick more than one?  I guess dark chocolate would go the tip top of the list but I love really good hearty bread, bacon (duh), coconut cake, and actually since I love to cook there are very few things I don’t like. I’m perfecting my Shrimp and Cheesy Grits recipe right now so that’s a fave. Oh, and is red wine a food?

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  1. Great Interview! I like Ronnie's comment that she likes to develop products that have meaning. I try to do the same with my art.

    1. Hello Darlene! Happy Monday to you :-)
      I to could connect with Ronnie - one of the reasons I dig her book!

      Thank ya kindly for the blog love,


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