Friday, March 7, 2014

Art Licensing Academy - Have you Heard About it?

I am also asking a favor from you :-D


Happy Friday everyone! I have been getting questions lately from some of you: "How did you get started in art licensing - what should I do?",  "What resolution should I scan in my art?", "How did you find an agent?"... — a lot of the time I will say you might want to check out one of Tara Reed's products. (Yes, this sure sounds sales-y!). But she has all this stuff set up and ready to go. SO when I saw that she has an Art Licensing Academy coming up - I thought it might interest a lot of you and I would give it a shout out on my blog. FAQs here:

To give a bit of back story: About 3 years ago, I think, I purchased Tara's How to Find an Agent eBook.  For me, it was confirmation that what I was planning on doing was a good approach. I am a BIG fan of her FREE art licensing "Ask Calls". SO this is someone I feel comfortable recommending.

SO, This is the favor part - I am sure you noticed the affiliate ad on the right-hand side of this blog. No pressure to sign up, just - would you use this link if you are going to sign up anyway? When you click on that ad and purchase Tara's Art Licensing Academy, it tracks that you came from my blog and I get a couple of bucks in my pocket as a thank you for recommending the course.

I am wrestling with this one a bit. I recommend Tara anyway - why not get paid for it? But, will the ads (and this post!) offend my audience? The cool thing is that I know you guys will let me know what you think - you can always email me privately

If you don't want me to make a commission (if you decide to purchase) here is the direct link:

Thanks Doodlebugerz, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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