Friday, April 11, 2014

FREEbie Friday! - Computer Wallpaper

Happy Friday Everyone! I Dig FREE Stuff :-D

I like collecting other artists' work. SO... Thought I would try this and see if you guys like it. Above is computer wallpaper for you :-) Click on the image to get the full size image. Then— Windows: Right click to save it to your computer. Mac: press down on the control button and click on the image, choose "save image as" in the list that pops up.

Enjoy! FYI, it is low resolution and copyrighted - so don't bother trying to re-sell it. I already went toe-to-toe with a Chinese website who lifted this image — and won ;-)

Sure! send it to a friend for their birthday to use for their computer wallpaper. Mother's Day is coming up... personal use is A-OKAY.

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