Sunday, May 25, 2014

Art Licensing Academy - June 3rd 2014

Quick Reminder

Note: May 29, 2014 - just found out this is the last time this class will be offered for $197. Next class with jump to $497. 50 spots are available and I know several have been sold already. FYI Annie.

If you are interested in Tara's group coaching: "Art Licensing Academy" - click the links from my blog for more information - I will get a commission if you sign up through clicking my links. THANK YOU in advance! This will help support me and my blog just a bit :-)

"The Art Licensing Academy is a  4 week Group Coaching Program that allows artists access to information, support and inspiration at the fraction of the cost of private coaching." 8 sessions for $197 and there are some bonuses too!

Thanks again everyone who stops by, shares, comments and follows this blog - I have gotten so much more than I can describe from all of you! :-)

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