Friday, August 1, 2014

Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Editors note: Aug. 13, 2014 - HIGH FIVE!! Just sent the $50 Amazon Gift Card via email to Kristen. Thank you everyone, this was fun! :-D Check the newsletter and follow me on social media for the next giveaway.

Editors note: you don't have to sign up for the newsletter - probably the easiest way to enter is to like my facebook page through the giveaway box above. I am using Rafflecopter's free service because it make it easy for me to notify the winner. I won't be keeping your email addresses unless you do sign up for the newsletter :-) You can also read the Terms & Conditions above.

I need your help to get my newsletter off the ground and blog post ideas!


Thank you all in advance! You can come back tomorrow and enter again by giving me another blog post idea. You can sign up for the newsletter and like my Facebook Fan Page only once. Each task gives you another chance to win.

Giveaway ends 12:00 a.m. Wednesday August 13th. I will email and post the winner same day (on the blog). Only US citizens can win.

I would be really grateful if you are interested in getting my monthly newsletter. Sample of what it looks like is below. Get tips, freebies and artist spotlights that I have on this blog delivered right to your email in-box! It will change as I get feed back from all of you. BIG THANKS-A-LATTE for getting it off the ground :-)

The blog stats give me a good idea of what post are popular - but I want to know your ideas for blog posts. The whole point of this is what works for you guys!

If you have already signed up for my newsletter prior to this giveaway, you are already entered to win! You can enter again by liking my fan page and/or leaving a blog post idea.

Thanks again for your time and input - I hope you win! Make my day and follow this blog :-D


  1. Ok, shared, posted and will follow up.

  2. Topic possibilities: technical help for working in PS; what you enjoy about art licensing; how to submit to a manufacturer; the best way for someone to search out art licensing info; how you work up your designs; what products images can be placed on that people would not think of on their own; when the shows are coming and how to prepare for them...just to name a few. Hope at least one of these helps

  3. HUGS Madeline! wrote down all the ideas! You Rock!

  4. oh no... just wrote all my ideas and the web monster ate them!! >:(

  5. Thanks again for hosting such a generous giveaway! ^_^

    1. Thanks for liking my facebook page! I will contact the winner tomorrow and then post once I get a hold of them :-)

  6. Late as always- but here are a few topics I've been meaning to tackle, but may never get to:
    How well is social media working for me?
    Developing an artistic style
    Translating trends into surface art
    I know your newsletter will be a tremendous success! Leslie

    1. HEY Leslie! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have them all written down :-) I will announce the next giveaway in the newsletter if you want a reminder coming to your in-box.


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