Friday, December 12, 2014

When is it Best to be Yourself?

A peak into what has been coming my way lately

Happy Friday Creative Peeps! I have found myself saying lately to my (adult) kids and a couple of artists I chat with, "just be yourself".

Don't think that just cuz I am writing about this I have 'being myself' mastered. I certainly worried about it when I was younger! (I am 51 this Saturday - YAY!). — Thoughts like: Will they like me, will they like what I created... You know what, maybe not, but that is Okay! Here is why I think being yourself is the BEST way to go:

• Who you are is going to eventually leak out anyway. You want to be yourself so that you can team up with people/clients/etc. that are a good fit for you! If you are not yourself, the odds go way up of the relationship/business deal/etc. not working out.

• Dang, it is just easier to be yourself! - I think you get trying to be someone or something your not takes a WHOLE lot more energy.

• If you like who you are (and the art you create). So will plenty of other people! You just can't be the only person on the planet who likes the things you do.

Now, I am NOT saying to be inflexible. If you are creating art to sell (in a gallery, on a product...). The person selling/buying the art knows what they want (and what is selling for them). As the relationship builds - they will be open to your ideas. Give it time and let trust develop. Put yourself in their shoes. You both want to make money off of your art :-)

Question: do you like this "Ask Ann Landers" kind of post? I like being reminded of things now an then, especially when I am worried/over thinking things.

Now go be your creative fabulous self!

Looking forward to all your comments! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. "Yourself" always makes me smile, so you are right... you're perfect just as you are. No sense trying to be someone or something you are not. Keep on being...... YOU!

  2. Great post and great advice. I like your Ann Landers style post. Your sense of humor and your authenticity always shines through. :)

    1. Hey Beth!! THANK so much for stopping by the blog - you made my day! I may do another post like this when something else crosses my path. Thanks for the feed back.


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