Friday, February 13, 2015

Peek into! - Next Opportunity to Register

 Hey Creative Souls!

I have been getting questions of what the NEW and fabulous looks like.
The above image is what an art director will see when visiting my profile. (Click the image to see it larger). That will give you a much better idea of how the site navigation is set up, what your profile page might look like etc. You can connect with other members and join groups too! :-)

You can feature up to nine collections on your profile page. (You can upload as many collections as the plan you signed up for allows). I think of those images as 'teasers'. Art directors and manufacturers can request to see your portfolio. Or in my case I have selected the option to share my portfolio with all art directors and manufacturers. This site is set up for you to choose the amount of privacy and control you want to have with your art - nice! is in Beta, and holly cow is it amazing and working wonderfully - yes, I am excited about it :-)

I can only speak from my perspective, but I would think art directors and manufactures would love the one-stop-shopping with NO travel expenses! They can join for free. I could gush on, but those two are big benefits.

I also imagine the same goes for agents (they do have to pay to join just like artists do). They can use this site as their privacy protected art catalog :-)

Next opportunity to register:

I asked Cherish, Founder of if she has any news to share. Here is what she said: "We are thrilled with the way the new (ALSC) community is already blossoming in it's early Beta stages. So far, we have about 250 art licensing professionals registered, including agents, artists, and art directors/manufacturers. Art licensors are very busy uploading thousands of pieces of work that can be shared with ease and searched with art directors they select. There is an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm in the air for the way this new tool has the ability to create opportunities for creatives and licensee companies alike.

Our next opportunity to register for portfolio membership on the site is March 2nd
. All information will be sent to our email updates list. If you want to get on that list, be sure to click over to to sign up.

Qualified art directors may email at any time for details on how to set up a complimentary account."

I want to take a second and thank ALSC for the great profile they posted on me! I REALLY appreciate it. If you are curious about it, you can see it here:

Join a group:

If you have joined or do join ALSC, join a group! There are already several groups on the site. It is a way to get together to talk about the business or ask a question. I started a group called "2nd Thursdays" and we had our first get together last night. We had a great turn out - what a blast! :-) Even though I have picked a time and place for us to hangout, you can post in the group at anytime. Hope to see you there!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by the blog, sharing it with your friends. If you don't want to miss what is going on, be sure to follow this blog and/or sign up for my newsletter. Happy Creating!

Next week's post: What should be in an art licensing contract with a manufacturer. - Bo's bLAWg.


  1. Great explanation of the new awesome art site, and how it works, Annie! Good Job of explaining and showing us your profile page! Well set up! :) It makes me want to peek inside beyond your profile page. WTG... :)

    1. Jo! I am smiling from ear to ear with all of your enthusiasm! Thanks for stopping by and commenting <3

  2. circled March 2nd on my calendar. :-) grazie Annie

    1. So welcome! If/when you join - join my group "2nd Thursdays" It is a great place to connect with others in the Art Licensing industry, Ask questions etc. :-)

  3. Great post - Thanks for the info.

    1. Darlene! ALWAYS great to 'see' you! Thanks for stopping by the blog :-)


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