Monday, March 23, 2015

Why I am on Art Licensing Show .com!

 PROUD to be a part of the Blog link up 2:00 PM Eastern on  is a cool new site where Art Directors/Manufacturers can join for free. Artist and Agents can affordably "go" to an art licensing show! (online :-)

I made a short little video on my Mac computer. Used iPhoto, exported it — and it was looking blurry on YouTube... SO exported it again at 720p and Taaa Daaa! Looks so much better. Really for the first time doing this kind of thing - it didn't take too long. I love it when technology is easy :-)

The video above hits what is great about the site! (nope, I didn't get paid to say this stuff)

  • It is the ONLY Art Licensing Show online
  • Be listed in the ultimate art licensing directory
  • No cost or low cost depending on if you are an Artist or Art Director/Manufacturer
  • Connect with industry leaders - It is a social network dedicated to Art Licensing
You can find me on ALSC here:

Last time I checked there are a lot of artist and agents on the site (in the hundreds). AND quite a few Art Directors/Manufacturers rolling in!

Once you are on ALSC, be sure to check out my Group: "2nd Thursdays" We are over 200 members! Everyone is welcome, Newbies, Old timers, Manufacturers, Artists/Agents - it is all good. Bring your favorite beverage and your topic or questions for the group. More details here Looking forward to seeing you there!

Are you on ? Leave a comment! :-)

Not on Art Licensing Here is a peek into the site

Thank you for stopping by,


  1. Love your slide show, Annie! Nice post, too!

    1. Hey Beth! Thank you! I just signed up to follow your blog - thought I was?!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Pam! Great to see you on social media today :-) Glad you liked my short slide show - not bad for a first attempt! Thank you for stopping by.


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