Monday, October 19, 2015

ALSC Artists: Get in on Coloring Book!

Get your coloring pages submitted! Free marketing opportunity :-D

Thurs. October 1st to Friday October 23rd.  The earlier the better as we are already designing the final book. Preference will be given to submissions that are sent in earlier than later, so don’t delay!"

Reminder you need to be an artist on (ALSC) or your agent to submit up to 3 pages.
Just a heads up since the deadline is soon <3
Happy Creating,


  1. Terrific.... I knew you could do it and in grand style. :) WTG Annie!

    1. I cranked it out last weekend :-) <3 I am excited to see what ends up in the coloring book!

      Thanks bunches for stopping by the blog.


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