Saturday, February 27, 2016

Don't Delay! It is time for Art Licensing Academy!

Starts March 9th, 2016

Here is a blurb from the Art Licensing Info website:

Art Licensing Academy

Do you want to make money doing what you love? Do you want to learn about the world of art licensing? Do you enjoying learning in group sessions?

Next session starts on March 9th!

While each artist’s path to earning an income in art licensing will be as unique as their art, there are disciplines and business strategies that can be taught to help shorten your learning curve.
Our ART LICENSING ACADEMY is a group coaching program that allows artists access to information, support, and inspiration in their quest for knowledge about the art licensing industry.

Click here and I will make a couple bucks to help support this blog! THANKS! Sign up for ALA -- this is an affiliate link.

Not interested in supporting my blog. That's cool. I want you to get the info you need regardless. click here

These guys KNOW their stuff!

John Mavrakis

John draws on his deep executive expertise with brand titans Hallmark, American Greetings, Discovery Channel, The Body Shop, Intl., Kathy Davis Studios, Mary Engelbreit Studios, and The Gap/Banana Republic to strategize and execute the mission of ideaologie.


Melissa Schulz

Melissa’s vast experience as a Creative Leader, associated with leading brands such as Hallmark, Hard Rock, American Greetings, and Kathy Davis to name a few. With 20 years of experience in the art licensing and product development fields, Melissa has strategically led creative teams through transitional, successful and growth periods. Charged with entrepreneurial spirit, she has spent years helping artists and companies strategize their business growth path. Most recently, Melissa has devoted much time building the Kathy Davis brand online through social media marketing, as well as great success in traditional marketing channels.  Through the process of building her own jewelry line, she has proven her “hands on” capabilities in all aspects of the business. Finally, she is an optimist, a relationship builder and a brand ambassador – all things that have helped season her for her latest challenge to strategize and execute the mission of ideaologie.

let me know if you sign up and keep me posted on how the class goes for you.


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