Wednesday, March 30, 2016 is 1 Year Old! A lot has happened:

Editors note 4/18/2016. Joan Beiriger has a very comprehensive post on here

Wow! Can you believe it has been a year since (ALSC) launched?! I wanted to wish Cherish Flieder a great BIG Happy Birthday. THANK YOU for such an amazing site.  It has brought me opportunities/manufacturers I didn't know about and sped up my ability to connect with the wonderful art licensing community. Signed a contract to be announced and have another manufacturer shopping my art around to some big stores! This and more has happened for me because of ALSC :-D Here is a link to Valerie Hart talking about the new deals she has found though ALSC:

I am one of many Founding Members and couldn't be more pleased or proud of what Cherish and her team have accomplished. This site has grown so fast in community and new features.

Here is a link to my ALSC profile page (Art Directors/Manufacturers, you can join for free!)

Here are links to other artists on ALSC that are blogging about the 1 year celebration:

A year ago I posted why I am on ALSC - It has my yellow VW bug, "Daisy Doodle Bug".  I now have a new 2012 Red VW Bug, "Doug, the Doodle Bug". I have spotted Daisy in one of the mall parking lots the other day - hope she likes her new owner :-)

If you join or are a current member of ALSC, check out my "2nd Thursdays" group. We get together and talk about any questions you may have about the site, and all things Art Licensing :-D

I am really excited about being open 24/7, no airfare or hotel needed to exhibit my art. What do you love about ALSC?  

NOTE! Feel free to leave your blog link in the comments below if you like.
Everyone, be sure to spread the love and check out all the blogs! Thanks.
If you share you own work on social media, use #artlicensingshow


  1. Annie, I couldn't be more thrilled for you and the other members who are finding success and working the new networking site. The caliber of artists and companies using the site amazes me continually! Thanks for hosting this celebratory blog hop!

    I shared a little celebration message on my art blog too with lots of celebration art from the group:

    1. Great post on you blog Cherish! I can't believe how far has come in 1 year! Thanks for all that you do :-D


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