Monday, July 22, 2013

Send just $5 - Seizure dog needed

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Hey everybody. A friend of mines daughter - Brooke needs a seizure dog. She is a fabulous young lady at 20 years old.

Below is the email/flyer I got from her dad about the fundraiser and two ways to donate.
THANKS! for the help!

Bubba Lawlor’s
Ginger Cove Lake Swim for Charity
Sunday, August 25th  730 am-??

John Lawlor ( lake resident #115) and friends will swim the entire circumference of the main lake and skinny river- approximately 2.5 miles- to raise awareness and donations for The Chelsea Hutchinson Foundation(501C3) that helps provide young people with Epilepsy with Seizure Response Service Dogs to help them gain independence and protect them from seizure related injuries. Our daughter, Brooke Lawlor-age 20-has endured epileptic seizures for over 18 years and has applied for one of these remarkable dogs. Please consider donating any amount to help Brooke and other young people like her in this worthwhile cause.
There are two ways to contribute:
If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to the Chelsea Hutchinson Foundation that helps young people like Brooke with this cause, please go to my charity event website: . You can make a credit card tax deductible donation at this website. For more info on the great work of this Foundation,  please go to their website:
    •     If  you would like to help Brooke Lawlor raise funds for her goal to acquire a Seizure Response Service Dog, you can make a personal non- tax deductible contribution by mail with check payable to: Domesti-Pups for Brooke Lawlor / 115 Ginger Cove Road/ Valley, Ne. 68064. If you would like more info on Domesti-Pups Seizure Response dogs, please go to:
For more info: John Lawlor C#402-510-2209   Email: Thank you!!


  1. We looked into this for my son. I was told you can't train a dog to detect seizures. This is not to say that there aren't some out there that are more apt to detect it. I'd be curious if there is more information out there.

  2. Hey Patti, I have no experience with service dogs. Above in the post they mentioned the service they are going to use and the foundation that will also help Brooke.

    I am guessing that the dog will help her in many ways along with seizure alert. She has had seizures going on 18 years now and needs other assistance.

    Maybe there is some helpful information there for you.

    Thanks so much for your post!

  3. Hey Patti,
    I got curious and found a post on National Geographic News talking about seizure dogs:


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