Friday, June 27, 2014

Artist Spotlight - Kathleen Tennant

Kathleen's art really has brightened my rainy Friday!

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Tell us a bit about yourself: Did you go to school for art? Are you self taught?

I am completely self taught. In fact, I have never had an art class since Grade 7 when it was mandatory. Art was never something I was interested in. The process of creating art crept up on me and has been quite the beautiful surprise. Several years ago, I started making cards, scrapbook style, on my kitchen table. Shortly after, I was introduced to an art journaling book and put some of the techniques to work. The process was transforming and I found my passion. When paper meets ink and the paper crinkles and bumps and crackles happen I lose track of time and crave the finished piece. 

What inspires you / where do you get inspiration from?
Life inspires me. Sometimes it is people and conversations and other times it is music that sets the mood. Both spark creativity and ideas start forming.

Do you work in just one medium? Several?
I mash many mediums together. I classify myself as a mixed media artist. I have been known to use dried flowers, drywall tape, spray paint, inks and acrylics all in the same piece. 

What are you working on now?
These days I have been working on a few new designs for my greeting card line. I actually just signed my very first license agreement with a company in the UK and several of my designs have been licensed for greeting cards, stationary products and wall art. I am soo looking forward to those hitting stores and am hoping they will be well received. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to be able to share my art with parts of the world I have never even been to. Nothing makes me more happy than hearing how one of my creations has touched the heart of someone else. 

Anything else you want to tell everyone?
Art has changed my life in ways I could never properly express. I believe the torn edges of life are beautiful as with torn paper, the inner fray represents our inner beings - our thoughts, our dreams, our hurts. I truly believe everyone can create art and when we take away our own judgment or the judgment of others beautiful pieces are created. And, I totally believe the creative possibilities are endless.

Are you an early riser? or night owl?
I am a total early riser. I LOVE the peacefulness of mornings.  

What is your favorite food?
My favourite food is a hamburger more specifically a mushroom and cheddar burger - especially from a pub! YUM!!

You can find Kathleen: 
604 240-3117

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  1. Kath and I go back several years, and it has been very inspiring to watch her grow her art and her art business. Great post!

    1. Hi cjaxon! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :-) I really love Kathleen's style!

    2. Oooh Jax, you are a gem. Thanks a bunch and yes, you have watched me grow as I have watched you grow!! One day we will create art together!

  2. Kathleen has quite a way with words as well as art. Fun to hear how she's grown, and happy for her future...

    1. Howdy Jo! Thank ya kindly for stopping by the blog :-D

    2. Oh wow, thank you so much for your kind words!! :-)


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