Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fabulous FREE call with U.S. Copyright office!

If you missed it - don't worry!

Editors note 5/29/16: The link below is now through Same call, Tara sold her business to them :-)

Hi Everyone! Posting a day early :-) Tara Reed set up a great call with the U.S. copyright office.
Click here to download it for FREE: United States Copyright Office Call

This link will let Tara know you found it through me - I don't make any money on it - just FYI :-) but thanks for using this link!

The call cleared up for me questions about registering collections and several collections at a time. It also pointed out benefits I hadn't thought about that you get by registering your work. It gets into some legal aspects of copyright. Oh Heck - just go download it! 

THANKS so much Tara for setting this up!


  1. Thanks Anne and Tara.... I just finished listening to the hour of information and it was helpful with several things I did not know about. Great series Tara.. Lots of benefits for artists. Thanks Anne for posting this link on your blog... As always, you rock! :)

    1. Jo! Thanks for the blog love <3 - I can't wait for the next call :-)


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