Monday, September 28, 2015

Pumpkin Painting Idea - First video using Periscope!

Hey Everyone!
OK, I am experimenting a bit. I signed up for Periscope. It is a video social media site. I like that you guys can join me live and send comments and hearts. You can hear that I am trying to figure out how it works and talk at the same time! LOL! I didn't end the video after I said bye because I can see who all is joining me and commenting. This will definitely take some practice! I now know how to stop the video <3 - one less thing to learn ;-)

I have been painting faces on pumpkins for years. Used to paint them and give them to the kid's teachers. This is a design I believe I saw on Pinterest last year and it is quick and easy to do.

I may film a little of the pumpkin carving contest action between my daughter and I. This will be the 3rd year where you all voted either for MY pumpkin or my daughters. This is MY year to win, she beat me by a landslide the first two years. By the way, she already knows what she wants to carve?! (pumpkin carving contest)

I don't think I need another social media site but so far Periscope looks to be interesting. Let me know if you are on Periscope and I will follow you. I have the same avatar as on twitter with the pink ladybug / Annie Troe. Let me know what you think of Periscope - would love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by the blog,


  1. good luck…how do you stay SO FOCUS?

    1. That is funny you think I am focused! doesn't fee that way sometimes :-) Have a great weekend!

  2. What a Cute Pumpkin and video !!! Nice to hear your voice :-)

    1. Ah! I suppose it is (nice to hear my voice) as I would like to hear yours! I will have to remember next time to turn the camera around for a slefie <3 Thanks for the idea!


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