Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Chat with Leanin' Tree - Susan January

Hi Everyone!
Quick post letting you know Susan January, VP of Product Management with Leanin' Tree will be at the next "2nd Thursday" text chat. This is open to anyone interested in Art Licensing: Manufacturers, Art Directors, Retailers, Agents, and Artists :-D . 6:30 pm CST USA/Chicago time.

This is for any paid member on ArtLicensingShow.com.

QUESTIONS that you all sent in for this Thursday's Chat:

1. What is the best way to submit to you? And how often do you want to see new art? Do you want the art mocked up as a card?
2. Does the artist  need to come up with the copy/text for a greeting card along with the art?

3. What makes up a best selling greeting card.

4. What is Leanin’ Tree’s best selling cards (sympathy, Christmas…)?

5. When looking for new greeting cards to manufacturer - what stands out to you?

6. How can an artist best support Leanin’ Tree?

7. The greeting card industry has changed a lot. If you can, talk about that a bit. Are most of your sales online?

8. What sort of gifts do you manufacture? Do you license art for your gift line?

9. Where does Leanin’ Tree see themselves in 5 years?

From Susan's bio on ArtlicensingShow.com and Leanin' Tree's website:

Susan - I am the current Vice President of Product Management at Leanin' Tree, a greeting card and gift product manufacturer based in Boulder, Colorado. I have more than 25 years of experience in art licensing and greeting card development. I am a former President of the Greeting Card Association, and am still a current member of the Association's Executive Committee. Leanin' Tree currently works with more than 700 artists across our 6,000 product skus, and we add an average of 1500 to 2000 new products annually.

Leanin Tree - Beautifully crafted greeting cards that feature original artwork by outstanding independent artists from across the country and around the world. All our cards are created, produced and shipped from our facility in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We strongly believe in supporting our community, our neighbors, and our customers. As for the people behind the products, Leanin’ Tree’s heritage and workforce is truly special. Please take a moment to watch our video, "Behind the Scenes at Leanin' Tree". To see how this family-owned, "made-in-America" business has thrived for over half a century, please visit our History and Goals section.

Thank you all for your interest and support - BIG thanks to Susan for stopping me at Surtex and offering to chat with us! 


  1. Wow Annie this is a great opportunity ! Thanks :-)

    1. Debra! Susan is SO nice! She stopped me at Surtex and suggested it - Wooo Hooo!

  2. Hi Annie- so excited for this! My question for Susan-" What is the best way to submit to you? And how often do you want to see new art? Do you want the art mocked up as a card?" OK- I guess that's 3 questions lol!


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