Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Surtex 30+ Photo Review!

Annie with her art in rep.'s booth

Hey Everyone :-)

I made sure to get more photos this year! It is dependent on if I can catch people in their booths with a minute of free time and they agree to have the photo taken. These are in the order I took them, which is random because of the people I would bump into an speak with etc. Last year's post has that year's floor plan to give you a bit of an idea of the size of the 3 shows: Surtex/NSS/ICFF  click here

I attended Surtex on Monday only. The day Started with a meet up organized by People come and go between 8:15 am - 10:00 am. There was a lot of great swag given away at this event! There was a short talk given by a publisher Judith McCabe, from Fox Chapel Publishing and by Melissa Schulz,
This is a great meet up for anyone in the art licensing business to meet other people and get information.

My Agent Julie in Red and her partner Mary Ann behind her - No, They didn't know I took this pic ;-)

Part of the Art of Licensing Meet up, Level 1 Jacob Javits Food Court area
I barely walked the National Stationery Show (NSS) - I did catch a talk Joanne Fink gave to store owners about having coloring book parties, contests Etc. - It was great info that can apply to artist with coloring books.

Partial view of NSS entrance
Jennifer Speer, Artist, coloring on Joanne Fink's Coloring wall just outside of the NSS entrance
Before I post all the Surtex photos - Note that my '2nd Thursdays' group on will be text chatting about Surtex, trends and all things related and I hear there are some surprises! Spread the word and see you at 6:30 pm CST.  TOMORROW Thurs. May 19th, 2016 Link to group
We postponed this month to the 3rd Thursday for Surtex

SURTEX PHOTOS ;-) - Exhibitors, let me know if you would like to link to a different link. Click images to view larger - click link to each artists' work - this is on the fly photography :)
Kris Ruff
Lucinda Wei
Dinah, Western Illustration
PI Creative Art
Danielle Kroll
Cherian Design
Pamela Hamilton Designs - Gracefull Arts - This is a Design Next booth :-D
Dot & Flow
Tatyana Starikova
equinox art & design - Marsha Rollinger
My Favorite Designs!
Kate Mawdsley
Ella Bella Rose, England
Lilla Rogers Studio
Painted Planet Licensing Group
Wild Wings
Kitty Keller Designs
Nicole Tamarin - She also was a speaker/panelist for a Surtex Conference that was great!
Elizabeth Stirling Designs
Stacy Peterson
Marion Nixon Paintings
Figgy Pudding Designs - Shelley Brant
Suzanne Cruise Creative Services, Inc. - They recently merged with Buffalo Works: Press Release
 Altelier - Surface/Pattern section at Surtex, They do not like booth photos taken :-)
Trend Theater - Free seminars
Thank you all for giving me permission to take photos of you/your booth!

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  1. Thank you for sharing gave me a great sense of being there. Sending out warm vibes and hoping you make lots of contacts and sales. Best, Brian Ragsdale (

    1. Hi Brian! GREAT to "see" you! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog.

  2. These photos look amazing! I've never been to Surtex and would love to go, perhaps next year! Thank you for sharing these images :)

    Emma Jayne x

    1. Hey Emma! You are so welcome! I just followed you on instagram and wanted to tell you I liked your Surtex flyer post :-) Thanks for stopping by the blog!

    2. Thank you Annie for following me on instagram and I'm pleased you liked my Surtex flyer blog post. I get so inspired when I look at fellow artists' work and couldn't resist sharing them!

      Emma xx

  3. Great Job Annie... Thanks for sharing with those of us who weren't there... gives us a touch of an idea of what's going on. Looks a bit much great art in one space. :) It must have been mind boggling. Thanks again...

    1. It is system overload for me! I suspect that is true for other artists too. I see more than the art, I see the shapes, textures etc. ;-) Thanks bunches for stopping by the blog!

  4. Great photos and write-up, Annie! This really helps. One thing I noticed, though, is the number of booths that rely on binders of photos as opposed to previous years when binders tended to be absent, replaced by iPads. Is that a fair assessment, or did it just appear that way because of the randomness of the photos you shot?

    1. Hi Lance! Yes there were a lot more binders and even printed bound books! I didn't take up too much of anyone's time since I walked the show, but I think many people were using both printed and ipads. I noticed more 'soft' colors. loose floral watercolors. Indigo only (like in the coastal collection, top photo of this post). Bicycles. People were saying sloths are trending!? tropical and I think jungle.

  5. What I've noticed is that much of the art is more relaxed and more fun, if I can put it that way. It's not that it's just looser and freer, which it is, but it's a looseness that has been carefully and expertly thought out and perfectly done. Less rigidity over all, more of a willingness to strike out in new directions.

    Can it be that the fear and uncertainty that hit us at the end of 2008 and so severely damaged not only retail but also the willingness of manufacturers to try anything beyond the old tried and true subjects, is finally at an end? Let's hope so.

    I'm also quite impressed by the amount of creativity that went into many of the booth designs, also the way in which all white space in the booth panels has been covered so completely, giving an impression of wall-to-wall color and design. The Kitty Keller and Painted Planet photos, above, show how the booth designers figured out exactly the dimensions of panel coverings they would need in order to have one's attention go to the art and not to the standard white panels Javits uses. And that's very effective.

    This is a very useful survey you created, Annie. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Lance!
      You are right! The are is more relaxed and fun - I hadn't notice/thought about that. Thank you very much for stopping by the blog and sharing your observations :-D

  6. I did wonder how you find out the exact size of the booths, and are the prints on fabric or paper or both? When (almost said if) I do the show, I'd need all that info in prep. I noticed how very carefully planned the booths were in these pics, each creating their own special atmosphere. Annie, any ideas how I should go about trying to get a rep? Is Surtex, Indigo or Printsource best for repeat pattern designs? I have over 2000 original, very detailed pattern designs, more altered in computer, 10,000 pieces of artwork - but how I get from here to a show & the total costs to not only pay booth fee, but what's the approximate set-up costs? Was your first booth your own whole booth? Do you know about what the volunteers do at the show/might that be a good way to start? I did walk the show a couple of years ago. Thanks in advance - your story is inspiring!

    1. Hi Carol! Lots of questions :-D I am going to refer you to this blog post on how I found an agent (I am on my second agent)

      Many print paper banners that fit the panels (my photo at the top) - some had fabric that hung over the entire wall. Some pieced the art on to the panels/walls.

      Hope this helps a bit :-)

      I have not been to Printsource or Indigo - ask an artist who has shown work there <3 I have not had my own booth at Surtex, I have had agents do that.

      Google Surtex Booth setup - you will get blog post that will be of help!

      Surtex has resources for exhibitors They either have online or send you the booth/panel/table dimensions.


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