Friday, October 25, 2013

Let's Backup a Bit - What Do You Do for Backup?

So many images - even more files!

Happy Friday everyone :-D Bottom line, I want to know how you handle backing up all of your art files. On top of that there are loads of mocked up art on products, actual art on product files, contracts... you know what I am talking about!

Before art licensing days, when I just had graphic design clients I started out with a pile of CDs, then DVDs, and finally an external hard drive (or two...). I would back up twice a month. It was always a pain to copy the new work onto the back up drive.

Within this last year I signed up to use Crash Plan. Nope, I don't work for them or make any money mentioning them here.

Over time it will cost me more than buying an external hard drive. I signed up for the $4 a month plan, They also have $2 & $9 plans, business plans....

I did the FREE 30 day trial. It works great on my MAC. AND it backs up everyday, behind the scenes. You can set it up to not interfere with you while you are working on your computer etc. I have restored lots of stuff and all looks wonderful. The back up is off site and I still back up to my external drive every month, just in case.

SO, the other day I realized there is this thing called Time Machine on my MAC for backups. Anybody use it? Do you like it? I completely forgot about it.

Thanks doodlebugerz for your two cents worth. I really appreciate knowing how you handle backups.


  1. I still back up using large-capacity USB hard drives. I just like having them in my hand, and not dependent upon an Internet connection, or on someone else's diligence in maintaining servers.. too many years working in IT I guess LOL. I need to learn a LOT more about Macs though - at some point I think I will need a good, dedicated machine for all of this. Still doing everything on a laptop!

    1. Hey! I really never looked into a laptop - I would bet they are very powerful these days. I do like my 27" monitor (I just measure it, so I am in the ball park). It is so nice to have two or more aps open and visible at the same time. Makes it super easy to drag images or layer from one file to another :-)

      THANK YOU for commenting! You Rock :-D

  2. Annie- I use a Mac, both desktop and laptop,and I use Time Machine. As I understand it, Time machine will restore my computer's hard drive if it fails, or my computer is lost or stolen. But I also keep all my art files in Dropbox ( I can access them from either machine). And I have an external hard drive for both my desktop and laptop. I'm a little (paranoid) about loosing all my work .I agree with Sarah about not trusting someone else to have my back :)

    1. Hi Sandy! I haven't used dropbox much at all - does it let you store an unlimited amount of data? I currently have 800GB and growing.

      Thanks for the blog love!

  3. Glad to hear that you back up your files every month. How's your experience using a free 30-day trial online storage, by the way? Aside from external drive, I think, it's much better to consider a software storage, which can help you do the entire backing up with an ease.

    -Manda Maldanado @ Scality

    1. Hi Manda!
      I am still using Crash Plan and REALLY like it! Especially since it backs up each day :-)

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :-D


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