Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Paint a Simple Pumpkin Mug

Visit your local paint your own pottery place

First I painted the inside white - you don't have to, but I wanted to be able to scrape off any blobs I didn't like easily. Let each step dry a bit to make things easier.

Next I painted the outside of the mug a light orange. Just one good coat - I wanted some of the brush strokes to show.

Then I mixed some of the darker orange in with the light orange paint and painted with a wide square brush vertical stripes on the mug - you can see the stripes bend a little with the pressure on the brush and that is OK :-D I just painted one coat of the mixed color of orange.

Now use a smaller brush - I like the square brushes for stripes. Use the darker orange paint to paint a stripe down the middle of the wider stripes you just painted.

Paint the handle black. 2 coats will work. black is a very strong color.

With a number 2 pencil, I lightly drew the face I want on the mug - Painted it black. 2 coats

I used an old tooth brush and splattered black paint on the inside and to make "blush" on my pumpkin face. Then I used a small round brush (you could use a 'writer bottle' too) and made the black drips that run from the rim of the mug down the inside a bit. There are a few blobs on the backside of the mug too.

Last thing I did was to use a round brush handle and dip the handle into the darker orange paint and made dots on the black handle of the mug :-)

Enjoy! - Make my day and follow my blog :-D Post a link or send me your Halloween pottery painting project.

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