Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Carving: Peeling Teeth

Help settle a $20 bet - vote for A or B as your favorite

Happy Holloween! Above are our attempts at carving pumpkins this year. My 17 year old daughter and I each think the one we carved is the best. I bet her $20 that my pumpkin will win!!! If I lose, she gets $20.  :-(

I really like the peeled teeth on both pumpkins. Gives it a little more depth and interest. It was kind of like peeling a thick apple with a knife.

I will be collecting votes here in the comments, on facebook and twitter! Let the games begin :-D

The winner will be announced on Wednesday Nov. 6 to give people a bit of time to vote AND to keep my daughter waiting for her $20 (in case she wins!).

THANKS for playing along!


  1. I like both two! great job!!! but I'll choose A, love those eyes! :)

    1. Marked you down! THANKS for voting :-)

    2. Gram and I each cast a vote for our grand daughter's pumpkin

  2. I like both - but - B.

  3. Popping in to say thanks for the votes!

  4. B is carved well but A has more character ... so who should i vote?

  5. "Asmaa" No pressure to vote - just a fun thing! I am getting lots of comments through various social media and emails just telling me to give the $20 to my teenage daughter regardless :-D

    Such WISE people out there! I will post the 'winner' on Nov. 6 unless the voting dies out before then. Thanks for stopping by :-D

  6. Hey Everyone!

    Well it was such a landslide victory - I see no point in waiting for stray votes to come in! Between all of the social media sites and email I got 3 votes for my pumpkin "A" and my daughter got 51 votes for her pumpkin "B" - the one on the right with all the teeth :-D

    I already paid her $20 :-)

    Thanks for playing along! We had a great time with it!


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